Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Welcoming NEW Muslim : Dawaah

The one who seeks knowledge and guided by Allah (swt), come to realize the truth of faith, spirituality and wisdom. Their struggle is really far more than those who are blessed from birth being born in a muslim family. For those who are dear to God are not by their birth rights but by their righteous deeds irrespective of their origin, color, race and nationalities.

When Islam comes to your life it is a sign of wisdom and intellectual awareness, with respect to purpose of human life, moral values, self respect and ultimate duty as a Muslim.

Muslims are meant to be united without any cultural, national or language boundaries. Internet is an important means for conveying the universal ideas of human purpose, for people to understand their duties individually and socially, and to seek true knowledge.

This also includes tolerance towards understanding people with different faiths and cultural origins. Our (Muslims) foremost duty should be to invite people to know the truth and at the same time learn from them. Knowledge is matter of mind, but faith is a matter of heart. It comes slowly by the guidanc eof Almight y Allah (swt).

Islam is the only religion to accept all the prophets of God (Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others peace be upon them ) and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) the last among all to reveal the words of God as Quran.

Out of ignorance, people vitiate the revered revelations. They are the lights of truth for those soul among humans who percieve with their efforts and manifest the commandments of God (Allah (swt)) in their day to day life.

May God guide us to the path of truth and save us from the evil and wrong-doers.

An ARTICLE by new Muslim brother Covert about his experiences. WORTH READING !
Ten things Muslims should do

According to American convert and writer, Yahiya Emerick, suggests ten easy things that every Muslim family can do to contribute to the betterment of Muslims and the establishment of Islam in the West.

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